Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where are we heading?!!!

Waiting for the bus to come. Oh its already 8.10am. Have to reach office by 9.30am. Even starting at 8am doesn't help. :( Have been waiting for bus from past 10 min.

And here is the bus, so full :( will I be able to board it? It stops. There is whole lot of people waiting to get into it. While I was thinking whether to opt for taking this one and suffer the crowd or to take next one and suffer the glances of boss on getting late... I got a push from behind and I found myself already in the bus :)

Now this is a typical Delhi bus.
That aunt is still trying to board and driver starts the bus. Thankfully she is not hurt.
I am standing on one foot. Thank god I have got that much space...Look at that girl and that boy who are half outside the bus.
Hey can anyone tell me why is driver stopping the bus at mother dairy? There is no one to get down and a whole lot again standing to board the bus. The bus stops, people board the bus somehow. Luckily, driver has offered 3 of us to sit on the engine, wow lucky we! But soon after taking our seats we realized how lucky we are. I hope u got me right ;)

All these people look so similar but everyone have their own stories. Look at them carefully...
Oh poor aunt, she is lost in her own world. She is not even aware that the stop she was supposed to get down, has already passed. she might have left her kids alone at home and is thinking if they will be able to manage and cursing her luck to have married a man who has left her alone to face all this.

That man there... Whom is he talking to? I hope my eyes are not defying me! He is talking to himself. The load of his family has made him like that.

And that girl who is not as lucky to get the engine to sit on...that guy has been teasing her since she has gotten into the bus. And look at the people around. They have conveniently closed their eyes to it or probably they are too engrossed in the tensions of their lives to look into something like this.

That old man...he seems to be satisfied with his life...looks calm and contended. Probably he has already understood the gist of life.
And that young group of people, nice bubbly group, unaware of the things life will bring along!

Every person has his own story, his own share of joys and sorrows.
Engrossed in their daily lives, running towards....even they do not know what!

The bus stops. I have to get down here. Hope we all reach where we want to, one day! But where are we all upto?!!!