Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gone are the days...

There were times when people genuinely wanted to help each other, the closely knit families, the relations, the togetherness.... Meanings now have changed, everything is just a formality. I should do this or else what will people say. 'What will people say' is more important than 'what do I like doing'.

The other day I went to attend a ceremony called "Kriya"... one of distant relative's mom expired. I wonder how many people who attended the ceremony were genuinely sad...most of them hardly knew the person expired. One of my aunts sitting next to me was restless as the ceremony was taking long... she had to go shopping after this.

I remember the day mom expired. People were pouring in for days. Every one had the same question. How did it happen, she was fine....and I could see papa explaining it to all what happened. Something that he was trying to forget all the time, he had to repeat for everyone. Do they want the pain to lessen or aggravate!

I know these things were made to support each other in bad times but how far is that true now, all this has just become a formality. Not that I do not like socializing or attending ceremonies, but am concerned that the inner meaning is getting lost somewhere. 

If one attends a function or a ceremony it should be because one wants to and not to show it to the world that he/she was there/ concerned!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Human touch

Our maid comes early in the morning and these days since I am home I just open the door for her and she continues working while I sleep. Yesterday after washing utensils while she was moping the floor, she shouted and announced that a pigeon has entered the house. And thus started the struggle to freeing the bird.

It was first hiding behind the door. I opened the windows of that room and tried to shoo the bird towards the window using various props that included broom, wiper, stick and what not, but in vain. It was rather trying to run to the darkest corner to hide. The bird seemed to be scared and so was I.

So I left it alone and closed the door of the room, thinking that it will figure out the window in some time and fly away. But after some time when I went into the room, it was sitting on one of the chairs. I thought, may be it needs some more time. So I left and checked after an hour, but even then it was sitting on the same chair. It seemed dazzled and confused.

 Then a sudden thought came to my mind. I quietly went near the bird and placed my hand at its back. The bird got a little startled first but then felt comfortable. It was no more scared. And to my surprise it started following me... sounds strange but it happened. I slowly took my hand near the bird. It walked towards my hand and sat on it. I took my hand near the window and the bird flew away to freedom. 

Human touch made the difference I guess :)