Thursday, November 12, 2015

Relationships and expectations

I wonder how two people who are madly in love with each other end up fighting and seperating. The main culprit as per me is always expectations. Its really really very important to have right expectations.

I have seen couples who are very happy with each other inspite of them being very different, inpite of their bad physical relations, inspite of all the differences they have. And the main reason of their successful relationship is - they know exactly what and how much to expect from the other. And ofcourse it takes years to come to this level where you both expect just the right. Many relationships fail to reach that level.
We get into a relation when we see the other person meeting the imagination we have for our ideal parner but with time we start realizing there are many things that are not as we thought they would be. And that is the time most crutial for a relationship. If the partners can withstand the pressure built because of the expectations and understand that it is imposssible for the other to meet all the expectations, the relationship will flourish.  I also call it accepting the other person as he/ she is.

I just wish that we all can learn this art of accepting the other the way he/ she is and able to communicate and set the right expectations.