Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Me - a selector!

I hate selling myself in interviews, though I have always been able to do that successfully :p. I fail to understand how a person can be judged based on a small chat. Ok, his schooling, education, colleges he studied in, and past performances can throw light on how good he/she is, but then, might be the person have never got the chance to study in best colleges or showcase his abilities till now. Will that mean he is not capable of doing?

If I had a company of my own and I got a chance to select people, I would have a different criteria altogether. No interviews at all, those reading this blog and looking for a job might be praying that I become an owner of some big company miraculously :)

Might sound strange but my criteria would be
- Where he belongs, A person coming from a small town is mostly hardworking.
- I might as well play a small game with him and see what all he does to win that game. That'll gimme an idea of his thinking, mind set and his priorities...like winning is the only aim he has or is he concerned about the path he has taken to win, into consideration, as well;
- Punctuality and respect for other's ideas and opinions would be amongst other qualities I would look for, in him.

People, keep praying for me and I will some day own a big company and select you on the basis of who you are and not on how your CV looks like.