Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are we going in right direction?

Read an article by Kunal Kapoor in HT City yesterday, that triggered a series of thoughts rather a fight within me and I am sure many of us go through this fight within more often than not.

We have a good balance of work and play in our lives. We work diligently on the weekdays and enjoy our weekends...catching up with friends, movies, shoping, photography, blogging, painting, carrom... But still why is there some kind of dissatisfaction. Is it because of not being able to be a good human being, not being able to live with parents, enjoy those long relaxed moments of love and togetherness?

Quoting few lines from the article to make it clear by what I mean being a good human being -

I smile and think of all wonderfull things I want to say to her. That's when my Diary screams "Stop wasting time, there's a lot to do".

I want to say sorry but diary goes rush, rush... else u'll be left behind.

The author wants to be good human being but has been transformed into a robot

What do I want from life... or so to say what do we all want. Run after what all our friends have - a good job, big house, a car...??? Or have limited needs and enjoy moments...small moments of life - sipping a cup of tea with family for hours savoring each sip of it; Having home cooked (mom cooked with me assissting) meals with all members of the family; Caring for people around; Having a heart felt talks with a close friends ... Isn't that what we really want...what makes us happy?!?

We all know this but still keep ignoring it due to our fear of being left behind.

Not sure if it is right to put it on city life but it does have some share in changing us from good human beings to emotionless robots. Rush rush in the morning to catch cab, skiping breakfast... attending meetings... ordering dinner from outside since there was a late evening meeting... Life just goes on like this. We have no time to help the injured person on the road, spend some time with old aunt who just want few moments from our life, cook a nice meal for the family and enjoy it with everyone, say a few words of love and appreciation to the one who matters the most in our lives...

Time to ponder - what are we heading to become

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life... Another strange angle to it

Till some time back I was totally convinced that city life and the hectic lifestyle it offers has more cons than pros. But after this call from a friend who is well qualified doctor, settled in a small town with her lawyer husband and 2 kids, my opinion seems to be changing. She's having problems with relationships - to be more specific husband/ wife relation. And it has gone to the extent that she has devloped suicidal tendencies. I was wondering if these people have a lot of time to themselves to get into such fights or is it that life hasn't given them enough exposure and hence they are stuck with these issues.

This busy life has given us at least one good thing. Since we are too busy with our work, we want to spend quality time with our family involving in some constructive activities rather giving too much importance to the disagreements or issues in our relationship. Working with many different people (read all kinds of weirdos) has given us enough patience to handle relationships . And the great thing is we can get rid of those weirdos by changing jobs and can always use the skills aquired in our personal relationships... ;)

Kudos to our busy city lives! What say?

PS - I would still prefer life in a small town to life in a big city (Metro), may be after getting that exposure required ;)