Monday, November 16, 2009

Nature photography and me...

"Every picture should have something to tell" he said.
"But how can nature pics tell something... Its the beauty of that moment I want to capture" I debated.

...With my camera and my perceptiveness I can freeze a moment. A beautiful moment of nature that goes unnoticed in this fast paced life. Now it will last forever, thanks to my keen eye.

All pictures on this blog (all are mobile uploads except for the last one) are pieces of everyday life that goes unnoticed. That piece of time now belongs to me.

The sunrise or the sunset will never quite be the same way ever again; This image is taken while in the cab coming back from office... Sunset in Gurgaon.

Early morning picture taken from home terrace, before leaving for office.

This one is just after rain stopped one sunday afternoon, taken from my balcony. There's a faint rainbow in this if you noticed. Check it on fb for larger and clearer view.

A mysterious night...

A very common plant in your backyard that goes unnoticed.