Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another step ahead….

Today we finalized the deal for our new house. A big house, beautiful surroundings, elite people, all facilities….In all a leap forward in life.

Two strangers came to Delhi…with their ideologies, philosophy and dreams. Not sure of their fate in a new unknown city, but were sure of their capabilities. Met strangely, shared thoughts, liked each other’s philosophy, decided to walk this journey in stranger city together….No big dreams, they just knew how to be happy in all situations.

Very humble start, lots of hard work….struggled for 6 full years before they decided to announce it formally to the society that they are together in this strange journey in strange city where every one seemed to be self centric. One thing they always kept in mind is not to forget celebrating life. Not that they always were on right track but yes they kept reminding each other... And that’s what made their life so special. Lots of hardships on the way. It’s been more than 4 years now and every year they are facing one or the other challenge literally. But the good thing is - they know that it’s temporary and will go away…so keep going and celebrate life is the mantra.

Thinking changed, philosophies changed….and they changed. They had to….This city changed them. Now the dreams are no more small. They know how to handle those self centered people and be one of them at times... But still they are same at heart…The basic philosophy still remains the same - "Celebrate Life" 

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Thangjam said...

Lovely story...I like the philosophy of smiling in spite of the odds. God bless.