Friday, November 28, 2008


Do I have any chance to get admission in IIMs? No
Do I enjoy the job I am doing right now? No
Do I have a satifying relationship? No
Do I have any chance of marrying son of some Ambani or Mittal? No
Then why am I living?

This is the conversation I heard today morning while in cab on my way to office. A colleague of mine took 5 days off as she was not well. And what was the illness - she was in depression. The lady is just 21. She gulped the whole bottle of shampoo thinking this would end her worries.

I wonder what does this new generation want. The expectations are getting higher and higher...from self, from relationships and from life. They do not want to settle for less. Yes its good to have the best... but is it right to expect so much that if the expectations are not met, life seems to be worthless?

There are 2 ways of looking at life.

One - look at the best and repent why u don't have that.

And the second - look at the worst and be happy that u have better.

I would like to choose the latter because of the simple reason that it makes me happy. Though it has a risk of achieving little less. But I wouldn't mind taking that risk if it gives me peace of mind.

P.S. - Do drop in a line and let me know your views on this.


Sana said...

remember what Santiago believed in "The Alchemist"- "When you really want something, the universe always conspires to help you achieve it."
A job is, when you are working for money, it becomes work when you enjoy it :)

Thangjam said...

One of the characters in an Amy Tan novel wished her daughter would aspire for "best quality" stuff and not be shortchanged in life. She thought her daughter was always choosing sub-standard things. And she thought this because she wanted (like all well-meaning parents do) her daughter to have the best in life.

Rings a bell? You find all kinds of people--people with high aspirations and expectations and the happy-go-lucky sorts.

Both are needed. But cynicism that comes from unfulfilled expectations are very real and probably needs to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Hey its me ss! said...

Thanks for your views.
I think I have been lucky enough to get good things in life even though I never aspired for best things, but I get too concerned when I see cases like the one I mentioned.

Shuvrendu said...

We can think it in another way.No Worst,Or No best,We should not expect anything from others.We should always think,that whatever I am getting ,I desreve it.Rather,We should concentrate,If I can contribute something to my society,to my friend,to my community,to this earth.
So,enjoy the life ,it is precious.And,if possible,just do not hurt.You will be never deprresed,

Hey its me ss! said...

Good self revelation. Too explicit to be good verse. The extract contains message to be delivered to a generation treading wearily upon a ground too slippery to stick.
- Comments by my Father-in-law