Saturday, September 20, 2008

For the unmarried guys out there!!!

The other day I was talking to one of my friends and was surprised to know the views of educated young men (even today)

Answering to the query about the kind of life partner he's looking for, he says..."one who can cook for me and other family members, who can do all household work, who can take care of him when he's back from his office, who can.... and list goes on. She should also be beautiful, from a good family, highly educated and again list goes on... "So you want a beautiful educated homely girl" I asked. He protests and adds "No, she will be allowed to work, but she should be back home before me."

I think he doesn't want a life partner but someone who can keep him and his family happy and at the same time can earn some money rather than being paid for the good work she is doing for them.

Don't take me wrong. I am not against 'bahu' taking care of her in laws and husband, but I just want to ask the guys - "what about her own identity". What did he mean when he said "she will be allowed to work". Doesn't she has the right to choose whether or not she wants to work after marriage???

I am a married lady myself, living happily. My parents-in -law are even closer than my own parents. We all are seperate individuals bound with lots of love, care and support.

Respect as an individual is what a girl coming from a different family wants. You love her, support her, and respect her as an individual and in return you will get all you look for in a 'bahu'. A girl loves to do household work, cooking for her family, taking care of them as long as she is treated as an individual and gets full respect from all in the family.

You expect world from her... but just have a look inside you. Are you good enough to be a life partner of a person who has so many abilities???


Thangjam said...

Exactly my sentiments!

Anu - heaven and hell said...

my sentiments too... look at yourself and then expect... the worst of men expect the best of women...they need to be sent to a mirror shop

Hey its me ss! said...

Man and woman are inseperable, ones identity comes in complete perfection in unison with another. Today's false notion of feminism that calls for more or equal rights with male counterparts often land in useless tension and dicontent. Men exists in his own way, the women in another. Both ought to be mutualy respected and honored. A civilized society is based on this principle. The blog is interesting and thought provoking in this respect. - Comments by my fathr in law.