Monday, September 29, 2008

Set yourself free!

They say -
Let it be unknown thats anonymous!

I resist -
You will not find lands unknown
if you dont explore for the fear of getting lost.
And neither will you be able to find shells
if you don't dive deep for the fear of drowning.

You will not find yourself
if you dont come out of your shell for the fear of embarrasing yourself.
And neither will you find your love
if you don't express your feelings for the fear of rejection.

And how will you experience that wonderful feeling
if you don't let yourself be for the fear of being judged.

This is the land unknown - "Dream land"
where you'll find true happiness...
Go explore the world,
find the unknown outside and within.


ani said...

Reminds one Tagore's "Duronto Asha" 1988; and the famous line ..Much rather i would be an Arab articulation of his fierce individualism where he celebrates the real meaning of "life".

Thangjam said...
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Thangjam said...

yeah, i think your poem is really in sync with what i said. do you think this search 4 our true selves is something peculiar 2 our generation?