Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am walking this strange road...

I traveled the same old road every day

One strange day I felt the tremor in the air
Sky seemed to kiss my forehead
I forgot to follow the familiar path
Magical call is there from the land unknown
I have to go, I have to explore.

Thorny bushes might scratch my skin
The pebbles on road might hurt my bare feet
But I have to walk this strange road, I don't know why.

The little prince greeted me and walked by my side
Song of chirping birds filled the music in the air
Fragrance of fully blossomed roses captivated me
I need to get enough of it
I have to stay, I have to stay

Touch of roses soothes my skin
Cold water relieves my bare feet
The magic of this land makes me forget all my woes

I am walking this road, I know why.

1 comment:

uma k said...

amazingly simply, but nevertheless profound!l