Thursday, July 1, 2010

I salute you woman - Part I

Get up at 5AM, prepare and pack food for the family, pray to god for everyone's wellness, water the plants, take bath and drive to the dispensary in Deolia, a small village in Shimla. On the way pick up three teachers of the only school in the village. Thats how the day starts for her.

This small village Deolia has couple of houses, a dispensary and a school  - Houses with toilets but unused because of lack of water in the village, Dispensary with Doctor but without sufficient stock of medicines and School with around 100 kids and 3 teachers but no education.

 I was surprised to know that Kids of 6th standard can't even count 1 to 100 properly - Thanks to the policies of Government and the "mid day meal program". I was told that its a Government policy not to fail any student regardless of his/ her marks. No wonder students take it easy. There are only 3 teachers in the school who are accountable for how much ration came in a month and was consumed but not for studies.
Also met a young educated lady from the village itself who has volunteered to teach in school for just Rs 400 a month. Yes you read it right - its just 400 INR that too is not from Government but the contribution from students of the school so that they can atleast read and write basic alphabets and counting when they pass 5th standard.

Anyways, merrily these 5 ladies responsible for the well being of the place, by treating and teaching them, start their day and take on the responsibilities given to them without being provided with sufficient resources. They are happy to make a small difference thay can in the lives of village people.

Coming back to the life of the doctor, she drops everyone back to their places, reaches back exhausted. And then is the time to take the role of an ideal mother. Feeding kids, checking their diaries, helping them with their homework, checking on their routine and giving them some useful tips... Kids still not happy - mom gives more time to the other is what they both complain.
Getting over with the kids stuff now is the time for hubby dear to be back. Better get the house tidy before he's back or else suffer his bad mood. Be an ideal wife, make hubby happy in every possible way.

And mind it, she also has to make sure that there is something good on the dinner table. Important for the wellbeing of the family she prayed for in the morning

Hats off to you lady... U are a super woman!!!

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