Saturday, July 24, 2010

No more complaints please!

Day before yesterday while going down the lift I met one of the neighbors. Just after a quick hi she goes...
"The other lift is out of order. They just take money and do nothing. Its so difficult to manage with just one working lift for so many people. Next month I am not going to give any maintenance charges. They just don't know their work. How can rain spoil the lift."

I wonder why people concentrate so much on bad things. In the same little time we spent together we could have talked about nice weather, beautiful park in the society or kids enjoying their play. Complaining about things has become a way of life for them I guess.

The lift was working the next day. It was just a machinery breakdown that has nothing to do with incapability of people working here.

Today I meet her again in the lift she goes "Have you noticed these people are not cleaning the stairs properly these days."
"Really" I answered

"Not again" I thought.

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everoptimistic said...

Yes, you're right. It's all how we see things...half-empty or half-full!